Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eric's 1st Sledding!!

Eric & Daddy went sledding while Mommy took the pics. It was so funny watching Eric! He loves being outside & loved sledding. We cannot wait to take him again!

Watch out Higgins Lake Eric will be on the big sledding hill next year!!

Jungle Friends

Eric loves all his little friends he has.
We call them his jungle friends because he loves
monkeys & is always taking out his jungle friend pj's & books!
Eric, Nolan, Lilly, Ella, Grace & McKenna

Nolan loves pushing Eric in his cool car, & Eric loves getting pushed by Nolan!

Eric loves to play with Nolan's Digger whenever we go over to see him!
Thanks for sharing so good Nolan!

Nolan is nice enough to let Eric help him drive his new truck at Nolan's 2nd Birthday Party!

Early Birthday Present

Eric's birthday is quickly approaching & Eric's grandparents decided to buy him a Sup-d Up Radio Flyer!
It got shipped to our house & we were so excited about it we had to test it out to see if Eric would like it. Of course he loves it & loves going for rides (and pulling it)
inside the house now while it's cold out!
Thanks so much!

Big Boy

Eric is getting SO big & has had all 8 teeth for a few months now. He is still as smiley as ever!


Eric gets really excited if he see's our laptop & HAS to touch the keys. Santa did bring him a laptop of his own that he likes, but not quite as much as the real thing still. So Grandpa Dave brought Eric a keyboard & mouse of his own to play with....so this is what he does!

Horticultural Guru!

Well it does run in his blood!
Eric loves our plants & tries to touch them all the time..... Watch out VBC!!!


Eric still LOVES his bathtime!!! I guess there aren't many things Eric doesnt like except for Sweet Potatoes at this point..... He is such a little piggy pie & joy to parent!! He is the best!

Billy Bass

Eric loves his Billy Bass that cousin McKenna introduced him to.....

Ohio State

Had to give a shout out to Uncle Nate for GO OHIO STATE with Eric's new outfit from Christmas.....We can't wait to take Eric to Columbus for his first time!

Christmas 2009

Eric LOVES Christmas & opening the presents (and eating the wrapping paper)....
He had his first present under the tree Christmas morning from Santa...

It's a Radio Flyer Retro Rocket!!

Then off to see cousins Emma Rose & Madison...HE LOVES Them!! Thanks girls for entertaining Eric!

SANTA'S HERE!!! Is what Eric's cousins kept yelling.... Eric was not shy at all with Santa & was very excited he brought him more presents! A Mickey Mouse Airplane!!

Aunt Abbey always knows how to make Eric laugh uncontrollably!

Great Grandma & Great Papa giving Eric his first Christmas Present from them!!
Yeah! Savings for college!! Thanks!

Eric was so excited about his toy chest from Aunt Jane & Kara that he had to jump right in it!

Vandenberg Picture Session

Family Pics with the Vandenberg side.... Us cousins surprised Oma for her Christmas present & arranged the entire family for pictures!

Great Oma & Cousin's

Great Oma loved this pic so much she used it for her Christmas Cards this year!
Here are Eric's Cousins McKenna & Vivienne. They sure love playing at Oma's house with all her toys the Vandenberg cousins always used to play with when they were little!


We are always telling everyone how much Eric loves his cords. Any cord in our house he is trying to get it. Of course the TV is a constant temptation & after trying to make him realize this is "bad" he gets so excited when he even looks at them! Needless to say we are always pulling him out of our TV stand....

New Toy

Eric absolutely loves his new mode of transportation. As long as he has something to chew on he will ride along in here all day!


Thanks Great Aunt Kristin for Eric's first Elmo! He loves it!!!

Chicago December 2009

We were so excited to take a family trip to Chicago in December & visit some of Eric's favorite Aunt's!!

Auntie Em & Aunt Abbey showed us a great time!! Thanks so much!!
Eric at the top of the John Hancock Building

Aunt Abbey

Auntie Em

So excited that Daddy was wheeling him down the Magnificent Mile

Our family in front of the beautiful Christmas Tree

Eric loves himself some Cheesecake Factory!

Cheesecake Factory

Eric ate his first Pizza at Gino's East!! He loved it! I wonder if he will be as big of a pizza fan as mommy?

Gino's East

Eric got to watch his Thomas the Tank Engine DVD on the drive!