Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eric is Eating now!

Eric tried his first food! Rice cereal. He was not sure about the eating part but loved chewing on the spoon!

Eric also likes pooping! He managed this blow out while I was standing within feet from him in the kitchen & just kept on jumping up & down in it laughing! Good thing Jeff came home 5 min later to help clean up that mess!

Eric loves any kind of water. He loves the boat so he can watch the water- Higgins Lake is his favorite though!

Eric loves swimming too! And he loves his little friends & cousins...... he was in heaven this day with both at Elizabeth's mom's pool!

Eric enjoyed the Margaritaville concert at the courthouse on Friday August 21st!

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Jennifer Urbin Photography said...

I can't get over that poop!!!!! LOL! It was nice seeing you the other day. Eric is a doll!