Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chicago March 2010

Eric got his second trip to Chicago!

He got his first fishing pole on the way there!!

It was kind of a bust since Eric started teething & slept 1/2 the night Friday but didnt sleep again until we got home Sunday!

We went to see the River being dyed Green with Emily & Abbey. Eric was rocking the Green Sparty clothes of course!
What we didnt know was that Chicago is just like MSU For St.Patty's Day & really has a lot of Spirit!! This is how most people were dressed there!! We definately have to go back next year!

He has had his first 8 teeth (4 on top & 4 on bottom) for a while & this tooth that came in on the middle back bottom was really not fun for anyone.

The thing was even though Eric wouldnt sleep he was still so happy! We went walking around to see the green river & had some lunch at Harry Caray's.

We really did not miss out on too much all in all since we still got some HUGE sandwiches at Lucky's on Friday & then on our way home on Sunday morning about 4:30am we stopped for a hot dog with all the people who just got out of the bars!

We saw the restaurant Lucky's on Man Vs Food & knew we had to try it! They put the fries right inside of the sandwich!

This was definately the best hot dog I have ever had!!!!

Apologies to Emily for depriving you of your sleep all weekend & thanks for having us again!!

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