Sunday, October 17, 2010

Legends of Sleepy Howell

Downtown Howell puts on a fun Halloween activity for the kids every year, it's called the Legends of Sleepy Howell.... there are trick or treat stations & a fire engine & police car they can go inside of......a haunted alley.... bonfire pit....bounce house & more! We all had tons of fun!

Of course Aunt Maryann is dressed up & passing candy out at Le Boutique!

We always find lots of friends there......

Looks like Molly is the Angel in Eric's Dreams.........

The fire fighter couldnt get enough of the fire truck!

Eric was in heaven in the police car. He could drive AND play on the computer!! What more could a kid want!?

There was a band, so of course there was a lot of dancing done by Eric!

We found Fat Bastard!

And a guy that is actually taller than Opa!

more police car.............

and yes. that is chocolate all over his face in every picture. He couldnt trick or treat without eating ALL of the chocolate in his pumpkin.

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