Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We decided at the last minute on Tuesday (March 1st) to head to Frankenmueth to the Bavarian Inn for the night since Jeff was on Spring Break from school. It turned out even better than expected! They have a few toddler pools that Eric LOVED, a toddler play area & tons of arcade games. After so much fun, we went to eat the famous Chicken Dinner & Eric sat for an entire hour and 1/2 with us eating the entire time at dinner! That is a record! He sure loved those homeade noodles the best. We have always known that Eric loves anything to do with water. But we didnt expect him to go soo crazy like he did when he saw everything! He was so excited he was yelling & dancing. Every time we went back up to our hotel room, he was yelling Water Water Water & trying to open the door (we had to put the lock on because he would run out to the elevator by himself) to get out to the pool. We will definatley be going back soon!

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